Why a Good Braided Rug Matters

Why a Good Braided Rug Matters

Indoors or out, our Ultra Durable line of braided rugs hold up beautifully.

Once you've lived with high-quality braided rugs, the advantages over less expensive, lower-quality country decor rugs become obvious. Still, you may find yourself selling to a customer who's considering buying a cheaper rug from a mass market retailer. If the look and feel of our rug samples in your store don't convince them that it's worth it to pay more for a good braided rug, remember these five points:

  • A good braided rug can last for generations. When cared for correctly, a braided rug from our Ultra Durable line could conceivably see the next century; even if its not well cared for (not that we would recommend that), these rugs are made to last.


  • A good braid means your rug won't bunch, curl or develop bumps. Our braids were developed with the help of a NASA scientist to be the very best, and we stand by that.


  • A good braided rug is easier to clean. Would you take a hose to a cheap mass market braided rug? If you ever have, you've probably wound up with a rug that looks deformed, with threads that have pulled apart. Our Ultra Durable rugs hold up to liquid beautifully -- in fact, their amazing absorbency and anti-stain properties are one of its biggest selling points! Don't try pouring red wine or soy sauce on a cheap rug!


  • A good braided rug looks beautiful. We have a braided rug for any style or color palette, from simple to bold, and the high-quality braid work give them a stunning look you just can't find with lower quality rugs.


  • A good braided rug is a bargain! You get top-notch beauty, ease of care, and a durability that lasts, in a rug you may never have to replace. You won't find a better deal than that!
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