History Of Braided Rugs

If you are looking for a comfortable “welcoming” feel in your house, then a braided rug would be the right addition to your home décor. Braided rugs have a rich, deep rooted history. Learning the history behind these amazing braided home accessory will make you appreciate them a little more. Many people feel that braided rugs came into origin in the Colonial days, from when settlers first came to America. It was in fact the Native American rug weaving techniques that really started the braided rug design. The Native American weaving technique was used to make heavy saddle blankets for horses as well as ponchos and ceremonial rugs often used in "powwows". Because of these colorful displays, the original settlers found a way to create their own type of braided rugs for their new homes. That is how braided rugs were first created.

Braided rugs began to pop up in the new American colonies, during the late 1500s to early 1600s. Women settlers made use of the scraps of material left over from sewing projects to create the braided rugs. Strips of wool, cotton and burlap were often the fabrics incorporated into a rug design. There were several ways to create braided rugs. Plaiting the strips of material together was the most popular technique. Once a number of strips were plaited, they were then stitched together to create braided rugs.

While the men were out farming, hunting and building new structures, the women would tailor new clothes and craft new braided rugs. The women would then pass their rug-making skills down to their daughters, leaving a lasting tradition for others to follow.

These rugs became a staple accessory in the homes of American colonists. Not only were they being used in homes, but braided rugs were also found in churches, city halls, markets and other places. The most common of braided rugs is the oval shaped one. However, these can be in almost any shape or form including squares, circles and rectangles. The only limitation to these braided rugs is the creativity of the crafter. Braided rugs are still made by either hand or factory machines, but these stunningly beautiful and equally versatile home accessories are now used by millions of families throughout the world.