Do you have a low-price or price-match guarantee?

Yes. Not only do we claim our prices are the lowest on the Internet, but we back this up with a 110% Price Match Guarantee. If prior to your purchase you find a lower price from a local store, an online competitor or in a catalog for any item Braided Rugs sells, we will not only match the lower price, we’ll beat it by an additional 10% of the difference. Example: If you find a price of $300 from a competitor for an item we sell for $400, we will match the $300 price PLUS take off an additional $10 (10% of the difference in prices) for a final price to you of $290.

You must request the price match prior to placing your order. We will not honor a price match after your order has been processed.

How does an item qualify for a price match?

Many area rugs look alike but are not identical. To qualify for a price match, the competitor's product must be the exact same brand, item number, pattern, material, size, shape and color as the one we offer for sale.

What items do not qualify for a price match?

We will not match prices on competitors’ products that are factory seconds, off­ quality, clearance or closeout items. Braided Rugs reserves the right to verify the item’s identity and competitor’s advertised price before honoring a price match. We also reserve the right to reject any price match request that we determine does not meet our policy’s qualifications.

Are there other price match restrictions?

We do not honor:

Prices that cannot be verified through a current online or printed advertisement Prices that require a separate or additional purchase Buy-­one-­get-­one (BOGO) or free-­with-­purchase prices Prices based upon membership in a preferred pricing or discount program Prices reduced through a rebate or gift card promotion Items advertised with a percentage discount instead of an actual price Going out of business or closeout prices Misprinted or typographic errors in the ads of other retailers

Can I combine a price match from braided rugs with one of your promotions?

 No. Either/or; not both.

How does a price match affect sales tax, shipping charges or processing fees?

It doesn’t. If applicable, these amounts are added to your price-­matched order.

If you have any questions about our Price­-Match Guarantee, please contact Customer Service.

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How do you guarantee my privacy?

We carefully follow all online industry standards for customer security and privacy.Please click hereto read our complete Privacy Policy.